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Author Topic: Westman Quotes and Mentions  (Read 127 times)


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Westman Quotes and Mentions
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:24:18 pm »
1. multimedia source quotes

The Caledonian-Record
April 20, 2004


Faith Westman, who owns The Weathered Barn and lives across the road from it in a white house, did file a complaint with Haverhill Police about people parking their cars in the parking lot next to The Weathered Barn.

Westman said she also complained about people traipsing on her property.

"After two months, what are they looking for?" she asked. "Have we not covered enough? We really debated about saying something. We really can sympathize with the family."

Every time the police have parked near her barn or searched her property, she said, they have asked permission first to do so.

"The family has never consulted us," Westman said.

In talking about the night of the accident, she said she called it in to police.

Westman said she saw Butch Atwood, a school bus driver who lives about 100 yards east of the accident scene, stop and check on Maura.

She said she saw Maura get out of her vehicle and talk to Atwood. However, once she saw Atwood talking to Maura, she did not continue watching what was going on.

"We never suspected she would disappear," Westman said. "When the police came to our door and asked if she had come in, we were dumbfounded. I can't even imagine losing someone like that. There isn't any closure."

Boston Herald / The New Hampshire Union Leader / Unidentified / Nashua Telegraph
April 21/22, 2004


Faith Westman, who owns The Weathered Barn and lives across the road from it, filed a complaint with Haverhill police about people parking their cars in the parking lot next to the barn. She said she also complained about people walking on her property. “After two months, what are they looking for?” she said. “Have we not covered enough? We really debated about saying something. We really can sympathize with the family.”

Every time the police have parked near her barn or searched her property, they asked permission first, she said. “The family has never consulted us,” Westman said.

Whitewash Interview
January 2007


1. Westmans are working in their home office.
2. They hear a thumb Faith goes to the kitchen looks out the window and sees a dark car off the road.
3. She called 911.
4. The car remains dark.
5. Atwood arrives with 1-2 min per Faith. They opens the door and speaks to the drive who is out now Talking to him over the roof of the car. Faith makes a point she doesn't know if it's Butch or Barbara's Bus.
7. Atwood is there 1-2 mines tops Faith says.
8. Faith sees the driver put on the flashers.
9. Driver goes to the trunk then back to car lights going on and off and She see a red dot on the passengers side.
10. Faith goes back to the front room to help Tim on the computer.
11. Still on the phone with 911.
12. Hears a car goes back to the kitchen window.
13. See Smith nose to nose hangs up with 911.
14.Both Westmans claim zero cars came through in that amount of time.
15. Goes back to the Tim in the front room who is still working.
16. Smith shows up and wants to know if the driver is there.
17.There is no one at the car. Faith looks out the window and the car is dark.
18. Cecil leaves and goes to Atwoods and he drove down.
19. Cecil returns to the car.
20. That is when fire/rescue showed the staged at Old Peter's Road.
21. Tim Westman goes out then to help. He checks his barn and with FD the Parking lot and around their house.
22. The game trail is checked.
23. Old Peter's Road is check as well as up and down both sides of the road.
24. Westmans claim crews where there a long time.
25. Odd all this activity and TM never comes out? Allegedly he wasn't home
26. The Westmans claim the road that night was a dry.
27. Tim Westman comments several times he is baffled she made around the corner then crashed just doesn't happen that way.
28. Believes she did try to start the car and it wouldn't which indicates that air bag did go off and she couldn't restart the car.
29. They saw no skid marks.
30. NHSP have been out there cadaver dogs.
31. HPD set up a road block the next Tuesday night for 2 hours.

The above notes were incorporated into the relevant portions of the write up below. The write up was intended to be published in a newspaper, but was not published. It is my impression that Whitewash had some photography experience in some local newspapers.

Across from the Weathered Barn on Route 112 is the Tim and Faith Westman home. The Westmans have been caught up in the flurry of activity that stemmed from that Feb. 9 when a young woman vanished. Only three people may have been the last to see Maura Murray. Faith Westman may be of the three. If it is Murray they all saw that night.


The Westmans Share

Faith and Tim Westman were working in their home office in the front of their home which faces Route 112. "We heard a thump," Faith Westman states and she went to her kitchen window and saw a car parallel-parked across the road with no lights on and called 9-1-1. Faith Westman states she believed she was one of the three 9-1-1 call received about this accident. Her call is received by Grafton County Dispatch approximately at 7:29 p.m. While on the phone with Dispatch, Faith witnesses a school bus driven by one of her two neighbors that Drove for First Student Busing. Westman was unable to tell which of the Atwoods Where driving that night. Westman saw the school bus approach the car within minutes to her phoning 911. Westman claims the bus driver opened the door and spoke to a driver who was out of the car. The school bus driver remained on the bus and Faith states the conversation seemed to be 1-2 minutes in length. Westman notes that the car driver activated the four-way hazard lights. She saw the school bus leave and Westman noted the driver was at the trunk of the car, then returned to the vehicle inside and Westman saw the interior lights flashed on and off. Westman recalls seeing a "red dot" moving around the front of the car. It was at this point that Faith assumed the driver was fine and returned to her own business she believes still on the phone with 911 as nothing appeared to be out of the normal and with in minutes Westmans states they heard a car pull up and Faith checked out the kitchen window and states she sees a Haverhill Police Department cruiser and ends the call with 911.

Faith Westman resumed her computer work with her husband. Since the Westmans have lived in their home some 35 years such an occurrence is not that much out of the norm so a compelling need to continue to watching didn't seem To occur to either her or her husband Tim Westman.

So when Sgt, Cecil Smith showed up at their door later asking about the vehicle's driver, Faith Westman was shocked. Faith remembers going to the kitchen window and checking the abandoned vehicle in disbelief for herself.

Faith Westman told Sgt. Smith that they had seen one of the Atwoods stop to check if the driver was OK. The Westmans stated they could not tell whether the driver was male or female. Westman informed Smith they saw the driver turn the four-ways on and was moving about the interior of the car. That was their first initial interview about the incident.

After a period of time, Sgt. Smith returns to check their Weathered Barn and parking lot . Tim Westman assisted Smith. Tim Westman states that on scene fire personnel are searching Old Peter's Road. Further inspection occurred of the gaming trail that runs along the Westman backfields that runs the length of their property to their neighbors' the Atwoods' property. Tim reported that he remembers no footprints were found other than deer tracks along the gaming trail.

Tim Westman recalls that the road that night was as dry as it would be on a sunny day. Tim Westman, "I'm as baffled today by the fact the driver indeed cleared the corner" and noted that Murray's vehicle was not at the usual resting place of most vehicles that do not make the sharp corner of the road.

Tim Westman recalls the car was several feet up the road from the corner and not resting at the brightly ribbon-covered tree. He remembers the vehicle was at a set of three trees which leads him to believe the driver was indeed going too fast for the corner and was over the yellow line correcting themselves perhaps too much. The thump they heard was indeed that of something striking the trees.

Whitman-Hanson Express
July 12, 2007


Shortly after 7 p.m. Faith Westman heard a loud thump outside her white gambrel-style home at 70 Wild Ammonoosuc Road. Her house is located inside a sharp left-hand bend in the road; Westman lives there with her husband, Tim. The couple also owns The Weathered Barn, a well-known local landmark, which is across the street at 69 Wild Ammonoosuc Road. In this barn, Tim Westman, a renowned craftsman, restores antique musical instruments.

Faith Westman peered out her window and saw Maura Murray's black Saturn lodged in a snow bank a short distance from her home. The car was facing west on the eastbound side of the road. From the look of things, it was clear there had been some kind of accident.

At 7:27 p.m. Westman called the Grafton County Sheriff's Department to report the vehicle, which she described as being in a "ditch."

Westman told dispatcher Ronda Marsh she was not sure if there were any injuries. Notably, the log reports that Westman said she could "see a man in the vehicle smoking a cigarette."

Maura never smoked and was vehemently anti-smoking, according to her mother and father.

In a later interview with Maura's father, Fred Murray, the Westmans could not agree on an exact description of the person in the black Saturn. Faith Westman believed she had seen a man with a cigarette, while Tim Westman believed it was a woman at the scene on her cell phone and that the red light from the phone looked like the tip of a cigarette.

An investigator who later interviewed the Westmans confirmed that the couple did not fully agree on a description.

When asked to clarify for this story the Westmans declined comment. "We've been down that path too many times. It's worn thin," Tim Westman said.

Atwood lived with his wife, Barbara, in a log-cabin style home 210 yards east of the Westmans at 4 Wild Ammonoosuc Road. Atwood was on his way home after dropping off students following a ski field trip. His home is on the town line with neighboring Bath.

After Atwood drove away, Faith Westman noticed the Saturn's interior lights switch on and off and witnessed a flurry of activity at the rear of the car, including a person standing at the trunk, according to private investigator John Smith, who spoke with the Westmans after the accident.

Smith is one of several retired police officers who have been working on a volunteer basis with the New Hampshire League of Investigators.

Meanwhile Butch Atwood backed his school bus into his driveway and went inside to call the police. He had difficulty reaching the 911 operator due to busy phone circuits. Atwood eventually got through to the Hanover Regional Dispatch Center, which in turn alerted the Grafton County Sheriff's department at 7:43 p.m., 16 minutes after Faith Westman's original call.

Three minutes later, at 7:46 p.m., Haverhill police Sergeant Cecil Smith arrived on the scene. He had been dispatched at 7:29 p.m. following the call from Faith Westman.

After checking the area around the Saturn, Sgt. Smith knocked on the Westmans door and asked the couple what they had seen. Sgt. Smith then drove the 200 yards east to Butch Atwood's home, and found Atwood sitting in his bus. Sgt. Smith knocked on the bus window. "He asked where the girl was," Atwood recalled and told the officer he hadn't seen anyone since leaving Maura's vehicle.


Fred's persistence resulted in a formal letter of complaint from Haverhill, N.H. Chief of Police Jeff Williams in April of 2004. Williams warned Fred that complaints of trespassing and parking on private property had been filed by area property owners and that repeat offenders would be arrested. Police would not say how many complaints were filed or by whom, though one resident and witness to the accident, Faith Westman, later admitted to submitting an official complaint; many other Woodsville residents have said searches had not been a problem and were sympathetic to Fred's situation.


After years of being hounded not only by media, but by investigators and family, some key witnesses such as Faith and Tim Westman, Rick Forcier and Butch Atwood are reluctant to speak further about the case.

New Hampshire Sunday News
October 28, 2007


At 7:27 p.m., Faith Westman calls Grafton County Sheriff's Department to report Maura's vehicle in a ditch on Route 112, on a sharp turn near Westman's residence. A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance, claiming she already had called AAA on her cell phone. There is no cell-phone reception in that area, however, and AAA later says it never received a call from Murray.

SOCO Magazine
April 2011


Conway e-mailed SOCO in response to questions about her series of articles to assist with this story. In the second article in her four-part series, Conway retold the story of Faith Westman, the other person, along with Atwood, to call police to report Maura's car off the road. Westman told police she peered out her window and saw Maura's car lodged in a snowbank. This supports Parkka's conclusion that Maura's car did not hit trees.

Boston Magazine
January 28, 2014


In a house steps away from the Saturn, resident Faith Westman had also called the police. She said she saw what looked like a man smoking a cigarette in the car; her husband later said it could have been a woman on a cell phone. Another neighbor said that from her kitchen window she saw the car stopped, with lights flashing, and someone walking around the vehicle.
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