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Author Topic: Officer John Mongahan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 1  (Read 152 times)


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Officer John Mongahan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 1
« on: December 08, 2019, 02:58:19 pm »
John Monaghan Interview Part 1

Original PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PqxH1AlzNIGJcJbAfvGRtdhP26keb3dG/view?usp=sharing
Outdated topic: https://mauramurray.createaforum.com/archive-of-prior-analysis-and-discussion/transcript-of-john-monaghan-interview-on-oxygen-incomplete-see-note-at-top-of-po/

Speaker 1: Don't be judging.

John: I'm not. I got a tattoo, when I left state police, below my shirt sleeve. Oh, I do. [crosstalk 00:00:17] That's why I'm a good fit for Frank [inaudible 00:00:16], the rebel chief. [crosstalk 00:00:22]

Speaker 1: So, I'll start off just asking what the background is.

Female Speaker: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Art: Tell the what we're doing here. [00:00:30] Kinda like how we did and see where it goes from here.

Maggie: Great. Hi.

John M: Hi, how are you?

Art: Hi.

Maggie: Good.

John M: Good. I'm John Monahan.

Art: Art Roderick. Nice to meet you.

Maggie: Maggie. Nice to meet you.

Art: Good to see you.

Maggie: Hi, Maggie. Nice to meet you. [crosstalk 00:00:44]

Art: Good seeing you again. [crosstalk 00:00:43]

Maggie: Hi, nice to see you. [crosstalk 00:00:47]

Art: Well, Chief, uh -

John: Tom out there, Art?

Art: Yep.

John: It's all right. [00:01:00] It's the last little bit of [inaudible 00:01:04] that we'll have to do.

Art: This is the part I hate.

John: Okay. (laughter)

Art: Then you can really just talk.

John: Yep. Sure. [crosstalk 00:01:12]

Art: I have to get a whole, I have to get a whole other phone. I dropped it off the second floor of the hotel lobby -

John: Second floor of the hotel?

Art: Lobby. Smashed the whole screen.

John: Is that when you were getting ready to do a cannonball?

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yes.

Art: I think it was ... actually it was the night of the ...could've of been the night of the Pats's -

John: Really.

Maggie: It was around [00:01:30] then.

Art: - victory. Yeah, it was around then.

John: So, you've got grandchildren, huh?

Art: Yeah, yeah. I was up in Salem last weekend. And, uh, they did really well.

John: How old?

Art: He's 10 but he played in the 11/12 year old elite side of the --

Maggie: No, I'm good. I was a little too hot. (laughs) [inaudible 00:01:50].

John: Okay.

Maggie: Okay, now we're good.

John: All right. So everybody's good still? Feel good Trent?

Trent: Yeah. I'm good.

John: OK, [00:02:00] we're not here. Arthur, you may begin.

Art: Yep. Oh Chief, glad you could take the time -

Maggie: Thank you.

Art: - to meet with us.

John: Sure.

Art: We really appreciate it. I know you're busy. In Frankonia.

John: Some days.

Art: Yeah, some days. Um, but, ah, I know we talked a little bit on the phone.

John: Yes.

Art: Um. And, I know you've talked to the AG's office and they've allowed you to talk to us, which is fantastic, because there's a lot of misconceptions out there and misinformation, both in [00:02:30] print and on the internet -

John: Right.

Art: - concerning Maura Murray's disappearance and, and, what we're trying to do here is clear up -

John: Sure.

Art: - a lot of those misconceptions. Um, we actually attended the anniversary on February 9. They had a gathering on February 11. We actually listened to ... about 70 people attended ... I was -

John: Wow.

Art: - shocked at how many people are interested in this case.

John: Sure.

Art: [00:03:00] I think the main point being there's a lot of misinformation about what law enforcement did that first night.

John: Yes, there is.

Art: And, that's ... I'm glad that's the reason here ... we're -

John: Yes.

Art: -- you know, got the opportunity to talk to you about it.

John: Sure.

Art: Um, why don't you tell me a little bit about your background, Chief.

John: Uh, I've been a cop for almost 18 years. I, uh, started my career in Lebanon, New Hampshire, in 1999 and I worked there for about 3 years, before I went over to state police, working for the department [00:03:30] of safety. I worked there for about 10 years. I, uh, and during that time, I went back to school, got a Master's Degree and, um, and were, was interested in, uh, advancing my career and I looked into promotions and then the Chief's position started in Franconia so I was pretty excited to go work in a small town and be my own boss, so to speak. I answer to a board of selectmen but, I -

Art: Right.

John: - took the opportunity to, uh, fill the spot [00:04:00] and I really enjoyed it. It's nice.

Art: How many years you been Chief in Franconia?

John: About 4. A little over 4 years now.

Art: Franconia is ... you said a little town. It's a little bigger than a little town, isn't it?

John: It's a, it's 1,100 people.

Art: OK, I thought it's much bigger than that.

John: Because it's in Franconia State Park. There is, we get visitors. We have 3-5000 people who come visit us on the weekends or during foliage season.

Art: Wow.

Maggie: Hmm.

Art: Okay. Um, I think we should just dive right into [00:04:30] it -

John: Sure.

Art: - and go back to February 9 of -

John: Sure.

Art: - 2004 -

John: Yeah.

Art: - and what was happening prior to ... I don't know if you heard the call, we know that Grafton County had dispatched -

John: They did. They did. So, I was a patrol 5 trooper is, was my area. And that covered from Piermont all the way up to Lisbon, at the Middletown town line. And, so, I was driving North on Route 302 and I was in Lisbon (door closing). Right around the area of the Wire [00:05:00] Mill. I was gonna go meet up with my patrol partner, Brian Doyle, and right in that area, I heard a call come in for a car crash on Route 112, and they gave it in the area of what they call the Weather Barn, which is the sharp corner -

Art: Right.

John: - where, where eventually, we were to discover, she crashed.

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: Um, I knew my patrol area and I know that the town-line changes like 6 times, 5 or 6 times in that short span. So, what I was thinking was, Murphy's Law being Murphy's [00:05:30] Law, there's no way it was gonna be in Havorhill so I should probably head to the scene because they have like 500 feet of the road there and the rest is state police territory. So, I turned around and I started to head back. And, um, while I was headed there, I heard Cecil Smith call off that he'd arrived on the scene. And, so I continued on and um, because I heard ... there was also like a play-by-play that dispatch was telling him as we were both [00:06:00] going to the area, and I could overhear Grafton County talking to him and it was the caller saying, well, I don't see her anymore. They initially I believe said, there's a woman by the car and then I think they said, she's not there anymore. Or, when Cecil got there ... I don't really recall that part ... said she's not here anymore. But, I hadn't even hit Route 112 yet, at that point.

Art: Okay.

John: So, when I got to Route 112, I, uh, as cars were coming toward me, there was only 1. It was a Subaru [00:06:30] and I flashed my lights and flagged them down, and spoke to the driver and I just said, hey, did you see a woman walking or hitch hiking. Did you pick anybody up? And, she said no. So, I said okay, thanks and continued on my way. And, when I got into the area they would call Swift water, it's this little section of Bath -

Art: Right.

John: - I saw a woman, Wilma Robinson, walking. And, I know Wilma, because I had to deliver at death notification to her a year or two before that. So, I rolled down my window and I said, Wilma, [00:07:00] how's it going and she said good. And, um, she had just finished working at the Swift water Store, so I said, uh, there was a car crash further up the road and did you see anybody and she said no and so I said okay. If anybody comes knocking on your door or whatever, could you give us a call. And, she said yes and I continued on. And, uh, went to the scene. So. Um.

Art: So that direction of travel is -

John: I'm going from West to East.

Art: Okay.

John: So, when I got to the scene, [00:07:30] I pulled up and Cecil Smith was already there and I saw the car kinda smashed into the tree, on the side of the road. And I rolled down my passenger side window and said, hey, what's up? And he goes, I don't know. There's a box of wine in here and it looks like she's been fillin up a soda bottle with wine. Um, and so I said OK, uh, do you need me to do anything and he said well, Butch, I believe Butch is the name of this bus driver, who, uh, had said that he had stopped to check on her. Um, his checking up in the Mountain [00:08:00] Lakes area. And, I said, well I'll, I'll look around and I'll, I'll check some of the back roads. So I did. I drove, um and if you want the play-by-play, I can give you. I reread my reports. So, my path of travel, I'd turned around and I went back towards Swift water. I took a right onto what's called Porter Road and checked this area called The Big Eddie, it's a parking lot. In the summertime, a lot of people swim there. And then I took, um what is the name of that road. I took ... will you excuse [00:08:30] me for a second?

Art: No. No. Absolutely. Whatever you need.

John: Can we cut and paste this? So, uh, let's see. (mumbles). So, I took Plains Road. So I went, from Route 112, I took a right on Porter Road and took a left on Plains Road and drove that to Route 302. So, I was back where I had come from.

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: And, I drove that into Woodsville and then I drove Swift water Road back into the area of Swift water, [00:09:00] from Woodsville, where Cottage Hospital is. It ends up there. And, then I took a right on French Pond Road and drove out. Because, there's a whole bunch of side roads -

Art: Right.

John: - for sort of this Mountain Lakes area, there, and didn't see anyone, didn't see any footprints so. At that point I think the tow trucks had arrived. I think dispatch had dispatched 2 tow trucks by mistake, um, so I heard they were on the scene so I just cleared. I left. About an hour later, I think [00:09:30] I was over in Pike at Becket school, helping Haverall talk a suicide kid down off the power lines, so. That was my night.

Art: Did um, so you, there at the scene you were only there for ... when you talked to Cecil?

John: Just briefly to kinda get his gist on what happened. I never got outta the car. I just rolled down the passenger side window and said hey, what's up. You know and he, he gave me the play-by-play. I wish he was here to tell you what he recalls -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - of the conversation but it wasn't more than a minute or two.

Art: [00:10:00] So you didn't, you didn't see ... did you see like airbags deployed? Did you see this -

John: No.

Art: - reg in the tailpipe issue?

John: No. I don't recall any of that.

Art: And, Cecil's car was pulled -

John: I'm not, I'm trying, I don't recall where he had parked. He was either in front or behind it, over on that side of the road. Um, yeah.

Art: Had EMS shown up yet or -

John: I don't -

Art: - fire?

John: - even know if they went. I'm not sure about that.

Art: OK.

John: I don't think so. As far as I recall, it was just me [00:10:30] talking to Cecil at the time and then, uh, I turned around and checked the side roads.

Maggie: Do you know, did you, I know you said you went and checked side roads, you didn't see footprints. Do you know if Cecil checked the surrounding area for footprints and stuff?

John: I don't know if he did. I don't know if he did, yeah.

Art: Now, did Wilma, she worked at the ...

John: I believe she had left her shift at the Shiftwater Store -

Art: OK. So she worked.

John: - and was walking home.

Art: And, she was walking -

John: She was walking toward me. So she was walking East to West.

Art: OK.

John: [00:11:00] So, I hadn't arrived at the Swifwater Store yet. Um, she doesn't live in that house anymore. She's moved to Haverhill or Woodsville area.

Art: OK, all right. You know, there's a lot of talk about -

John: [inaudible 00:11:15] what's that? [inaudible 00:11:19] Right.

So, there's a lot of followup investigation that happened. That was really it for me that night.

Art: That night.

John: Basically, when I spoke with Cecil, it appeared that it was a ... somebody was probably [00:11:30] drunk that crashed their car and, uh, in every case we've ever had before and every one we've had sense, usually they just take off because they don't wanna get caught for drunk driving and then show up the next day with some sort of story about why they weren't there, you know?

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: So, uh, so I do recall going back to Havoril PD a day or two later and sayin, hey, did they ever show for their car and he said no. And, I was like, wow, that's really weird. So, um, and then a day or two after that is when my lieutenant called me and he's like, hey, did [00:12:00] you help Havoril with a car crash? And I said, yeah. And he said is there a report? I said no, I did what we call the General Service Report -

Art: Right.

John: - just assisted another department. And, he said well I think we're gonna need to pull a report on it and write a better narrative so, I did, and then it became what it is now -

Art: What it is now.

John: - a pretty sizable case.

Art: When you, when you talked to Cecil, did Cecil give an explanation as to, I mean there's [00:12:30] obviously some controversy about the rag in the tailpipe issues. I mean, did you ever talk to Cecil about -

John: No, not at all.

Art: - [inaudible 00:12:40].

John: I didn't see that.

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
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Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 2
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2019, 02:58:52 pm »
John: I don't recall him saying anything about that but, it's possible. I guess it's possible that there was one. I just didn't spend enough time. I didn't get out of the car and look around and that kinda thing to help him out. I don't know anything about it (laughs).

Art: Did your patrol partner [00:13:00] do any ... did you guys put out like a area bollo or something like that?

John: No, because it wasn't our call. You know, we were just there ...

Art: It was Haveril, PD.

John: It was Haveril PD's call. So, um, had it been 100 feet in the other direction, it woulda been mine but it wasn't.

Art: Right.

John: So I didn't interfere with their investigation.

Maggie: A neighbor supposedly said that they heard 2 officers arguing about jurisdiction.

John: Yeah.

Maggie: Do you know anything about that?

John: I don't because, uh, I was actually [00:13:30] glad not to have another case thrown on top of my caseload at the time. So, I was like, good for me, I don't have to cover an accident so. What I do recall being told about is that 2 tow trucks got dispatched when they only needed one and from what I understand, it was Lavoys in Northland Auto and the two tow truck drivers had a big argument about who was gonna get the tow. That's the only argument I know about and if, I don't know, [00:14:00] I don't believe anybody else showed up that would've argued but I was certainly not gonna argue about whose jurisdiction it was whatsoever.

Art: Yes, I understand that.

John: Right. Yeah.

Art: The, the, so you were probably there a total of a minute, two minutes?

John: Less than five. Two or three minutes. You know, just talking through a window to Sergeant Smith.

Art: And you, you didn't get out an interview any of the neighbors?

John: No. Not that night. We did do a bunch of followup investigation but, um, that evening, no. Nobody [00:14:30] was talked to. By me at least. Other than my initial driving in.

Maggie: Right.

Art: And when did it like, move from Haveril PD to the state police?

John: I don't know exactly when. Um, but it was probably 2 or 3, 4, 5 days later. Somewhere in that time frame that it became kinda a bigger deal than it was. Um, so, and at that point. Lieutenant Skorinza became involved and um, and [00:15:00] it, you know, they got major crime involved and the detectives from troop F and then it became kind of an investigation, not just me assisting Haveril police department.

Art: And that's usually ... do you guys do that on general request from the like the Chief at the time to take it over?

John: He, he would've ... with any major incident usually because the state police has more resources. A small town police department would, would ask for assistance from, at least the local troop and then the local troop, if they decided [00:15:30] that this was bigger than their investigative services could handle they would contact major crimes down in Concord and ask them to come up and help out. Um, they've got more resources with crime vans and that kinda thing, if they need to start doing more high-tech investigation.

Art: It, it. You know, there's also been talk about a possible, suspicious female hanging around at the Swift water weigh station at some point.

John: [00:16:00] I don't ... that doesn't ring a bell to me. I don't follow the people who have done people who have done the podcasts and the website stuff because there's so much bad information out there.

Art: Yes, there is.

John: Um, its human nature to fill voids with whatever information you can. It's where rumors and gossip all come from. So, and I read it, and occasionally did you see you were mentioned here and I'd look and I'd be like ah, geez, I can't believe they just said that. Um, so, [00:16:30] I don't read it. Because it's not realistic, you know, and it doesn't do anybody any good so, and I actually think does a disservice probably to the family who is missing their daughter that they have some bad information and it doesn't bring any peace to their lives.

Art: One of the people that have put out probably some speculative information is an author by the name of James Renner.

John: Yeah.

Art: Did he ever talk to you?

John: He called [00:17:00] me and I can't recall if I was a trooper or if I had just started with state police but he wanted to interview me and I called the lieutenant at troop F, who was Todd Landry, and I said, listen, are we talking about the case yet or are we still keeping it quiet because it's an open investigation and he said that we were still keeping it, whatever was happening quiet because it was an open investigation so this is really the first time I've been able to openly talk about my piece, which is actually smaller than speculated [00:17:30] (laughs).

Art: Yeah, but it's important because -

John: It is important.

Art: - there's been a lot of speculation about what you supposedly did and didn't do that particular evening. Now so, you didn't walk Renner through like a blow-by-blow -

John: No.

Art: - description of what you did so you basically ...

John: No, I never. I said I'll talk to my lieutenant and if I can talk to you and I'll talk to you and I asked and he said no so I said I'm sorry but I can't talk to you about this. That was it. I never spoke to the man. I didn't read his book. I don't know if he said he spoke to me but if he said he that, then [00:18:00] he would be lying.

Maggie: Well, he said you walked him through ...

John: Really. Yeah, well, not correct.

Art: In fact, just the other day.

Maggie: It's posted yesterday. He said you walked him through.

John: Interesting.

Art: He mentioned your name and said he spoke to you ...

John: I've never met him. I've never spoken to him. I think it was an email exchange between he and I. I don't even know if it was a phone conversation.

Art: Right.

John: I'm not ... I mean, I told him I'd be happy to, if I can but we weren't so I didn't. That was [00:18:30] it. I followed orders.

Art: Right. I understand that. Is the ... I mean, what do you ... and I'm sure this case has been bubbling and steaming around here because it's amazing to me that just about everybody in this area, general area, knows about this case in one form or another. We've heard all kinds of weird stories about her car being 80 yards into the woods, and there's even a theory out there about alien abduction and [00:19:00] then, you know, it runs the gamut. I mean -

John: That's the thing (laughs).

Art: - what do you actually think happened? What is your ...

John: Right. I, it could be, I don't know. I really don't know. I wish I ... my hope amongst hopes is that we'll get a phone call in a year, in 10 years, and she'll say hey, I'm in Cancun, married, I got 10 kids. I don't know but, I don't know what coulda happened. I know if follow up interviews, [00:19:30] um, we interviewed people that who had been driving on the road. People I interviewed said we didn't see anybody. Um, so, um, it's, I don't know. I really wish I had a better answer for that. So that it seems to me that either she got picked up and went somewhere, you know or ran off on her own somehow and some reason has not come back. And, I don't know the answer to that question. I wish I did. I wish I did, for the family's sake. [00:20:00] I have kids of my own and I can't imagine -

Art: Right.

John: - what it feels like to be missing somebody you love.

Maggie: Do you often think about this case?

John: Not very often. You know, just when you said that, there was a memorial service the other day and I could hear Haveril on the radio ... I think they were doing traffic control -

Art: They actually were very helpful.

John: - and I said oh, it's the anniversary of Maura Murray. So, the further away I get from it, as far as, I'm not a state trooper so I'm not tied into the investigation anymore [00:20:30] and the more distance that comes from it, I don't think about it as much. You know, but every time I drive by that tree, I think about it for, you know, that kind of thing.

Male Speaker: [inaudible 00:20:43] truck driver?

John: So, one part of what I did in my follow up investigations is I went to the Havoril DOT shed and I spoke to Wayne Bigalow, who's the head guy, and his people and I said listen, there's was this car crash and the woman's missing and it's been quite awhile and you guys plow that road and you're up and down it all the time, and you're up high, [00:21:00] so, can you kinda be my eyes for me? If you can see something that I can't see, because I'm in a cruiser with snowbanks up to my eyeballs, gimme a call and let me know. And, they never called. And I would check in periodically and say did you see anything weird or different and they, they never said that they did.

Art: Was this shortly after?

John: It would've been pretty shortly after. You know, probably within that first week or two of when, when, the detectives started to get involved with the case.

Art: Right. So, [00:21:30] it sounds like you probably got more snow up there after this particular incident unlike now.

John: I don't recall exactly. But -

Art: Yeah.

John: - we had the opposite this year so ...

Art: Right, right. You know, the, the ... was there any reason why the search wasn't more to the East?

John: No, that evening you mean?

Art: Yeah, that evening?

John: No.

Art: It sounded like everybody came.

John: Yeah, we all came from the West to there.

Art: The West.

John: And uh, I think [00:22:00] because Sergeant Smith was saying well Butch is checking up over in there and I said I'll go check some of the back roads here, knowing that really, that stretch of road back then, I think there was like one maybe two residences on it. The rest are kinda hunting camps. It's pretty barren and it just didn't make any sense that you would head that direction. It made sense that you would go back to where you would come from. Not, probably perfect logic in 20/20 hindsight but at the time, it just seemed [00:22:30] to me that you would head back to where there's more civilization rather than out into the wilds of the Amanusic area out there.

Art: Right.

John: So, I confined by search area to where I knew there were people and stores or you could go back toward Woodsville cuz it appeared that's where the car must've come from, somewhere over in that area.

Maggie: You mentioned the followup investigation. Can you tell me a little bit about what was done in the followup investigation?

John: I can tell you my part -

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - and hopefully I won't [00:23:00] leave anything out by mistake. So, um, I, I, and a number of people went along Route 112 and basically checked every residence and if people lived there we'd talked to them and asked them if they'd seen anything. If anything appeared odd or suspicious. And, nobody did. And so, we also went into the um, the hunting camp areas just to see if anybody had kicked in door or busted a window and none of those had been broken into and then I was [00:23:30] also asked to go to ... I think I went to Cumberland Farms, Shaws and DP Quick Stop, I believe? Those are the 3 places that had surveillance cameras -

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - and I pulled the tapes. I didn't review the tapes but I pulled the tapes. Um, just to see if perhaps she had stopped there on her way through. Those were just turned over and detectives would've reviewed those, not me. Um, and then I think later on I had also gone and checked ... the Mountain Lakes area is sort of this ... somebody [00:24:00] had an idea that it would be a great resort area at one point and it really never took off so ... But, there's a ton of houses out there. Some are lived in, some aren't. So, I went and ... I have a map and I would checked off every residence that I checked. If it was occupied I'd talk to the owner. If it was unoccupied, I'd make sure nobody broke in. If I found an unoccupied structure that had an open door, I would check the inside and, uh, again, didn't find anything.

Art: How [00:24:30] shortly after the accident was that? [inaudible 00:24:38]

John: I think that was, that was a month or two later. I believe those reports are dated like April. Um, and these things that I did, I did at the request of whoever was leading the investigation. Usually, Lieutenant Skorenza would call me and say John, are you busy and even if I was, here's what you're gonna go do so, so I would just be assigned these followup investigations to do.


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Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 3
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2019, 03:01:37 pm »
John Monaghan Interview, Part 3

Maggie: The surveillance videos that you pulled. Were those [00:25:00] ... where were those shops? Where they in ...

John: In Woodsville.

Maggie: They were in Woodsville.

John: Yeah, yeah. It's not a very ... I mean, now Woodsville's a little bit bigger than it was back then.

Art: Yeah.

John: But, um, in town there's an old Cumberland Farms, which is kinda boarded up so that was the Cumberland Farms at the time that I went to. And then Shaws, in Woodsville, it's still where it was. And I spoke with them. And then, DP's Quickstop is on, I believe, it's Smith Street in Woodsville and those were the three places that would've been open later in the evening.

Art: [00:25:30] Have you heard anything about like, this Witness A?

John: No.

Art: About, you know 001 Cruiser being at the scene prior to Cecil Smith showing up?

John: Right, that was one of the things that somebody said hey did you see that there's this new theory and I read it briefly. It's not what I saw. I pulled up and Cecil was there [00:26:00] and so, and then I left.

I don't believe anyone else showed up afterwards but, you'd have to ask Cecil Smith if somebody did.

Art: Right, and -

John: He was the only officer there when I was there.

Art: And, Cecil had his blue lights going I assume, I mean the car was ...

John: I believe so. He would've been protecting the scene. The car was not way off the road. It was kinda like in the ditch up against that tree they tie the ribbon around. I mean it was, it's not far off the road.

Art: Yeah, I mean, and Cecil was driving [00:26:30] a sedan, right?

John: I believe he was.

Art: Yeah.

John: I believe he was. That's something I'm not 100% on but I think he was in the Crown Vic that evening.

Art: And, and, this is just a general question but, I mean, Cecil's patrol area ... or the patrol area for Haveril PD, would go down Swift water Road, right? Would it go right to the Woodsville line?

John: It would.

Art: And, okay.

John: Yeah.

Art: I have to [00:27:00] see exactly where that Woodsville line is because ...

John: Yeah. If you drive in from the West, you'll be in Bath. And then it turns into Haveril. Haveril is the town and Woodsville and Pike and Swift water are all these little smaller areas within Haveril. But, it will turn into Haveril and then I think it turns into Bath and then it turns into Landaff and then Easton and then back into Landaff. It changes town lines fairly rapidly through the area.

Art: Do all those towns have police departments?

John: [00:27:30] No, only Haveril. So, the state police would've covered all the other towns so that's why I was like, well I was like I might as well get a jump on it because -

Art: It could be.

John: - it could be ... it's most likely gonna be in my area not in Haveril since they have such a small section of that road.

Art: So, where does that line ... does it cut off there at the Bradley Hill Road?

John: It's close to there. I don't recall where that is. I haven't patrolled that area for, for 4 or 5 years, so.

Art: Memories, right?

John: Yes. [00:28:00] (laughter).

Art: The search area. It seems to me there were several searches done. Not only by law enforcement but it seems like some of these search and rescue groups, they'd come in. Were you guys able to map out the search area that was done?

John: Yes, and so I think it was the following summer, I believe? The word came down that we were gonna do grid searches, so I was part of that. At the time, I was on [00:28:30] the S.W.A.T. team for the state police and so I was assigned, with a whole bunch of other people from the S.W.A.T. team, from the S.E.R.T. team, which is sort of their search team and riot squad, so to speak. We paired up with fish and game officers, because they have GPS'. Um, and, we just did grid searches. And I don't know how big of an area ... I wasn't part of the command post, I was just a worker bee at that point. So, we just did, really from myself [00:29:00] to Jeff Stralslin, we just walked -

Art: In a line.

John: - in lines and then turned around and walked back and then turned around and walked back and did, did, miles of area. And there must have been 50 troopers and a whole bunch of other volunteered and fish and game officers to help.

Art: And, obviously nothing was ...

John: No. If anybody found anything that they thought was of note, they would GPS mark it, they would call for like an evidence [00:29:30] person -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - who would come and um, you know, photograph it. That didn't happen on my line search so we didn't find anything that we would've needed to call anybody for but if there was something found, they would've marked it and taken it as evidence, so, um, and I don't think anything of note came of that um, but, we didn't find anything with my line.

Art: Was that the only search that you were involved in?

John: That's the only one I was involved in to do with this case. I've done other searches but -

Art: Right.

John: But Maura Murray case, that's the only one.

Art: Did you have any canines [00:30:00] out or any cadaver dogs?

John: They did have canines that went and checked the scene. I think relatively close to the time, um, afer the crash. I wasn't involved with that but I do believe they brought a Bloodhound to the scene and it, I don't, I mean, you'd have to talk to the officer who did the search, but I don't ... it didn't turn up anything.

Art: And, when you did the followup thing, did you by chance interview Butch Atwood?

John: I didn't.

Art: Okay.

John: I don't think I did, no. It's not in my notebooks and I don't recall talking [00:30:30] to him, um, about it.

Art: Did you, did you, happen to see his bus when you -

John: I do remember his bus being parked there. He lived in a log cabin further -

Art: Right.

John: - further up on the left and he would back his bus into the cabin area, yeah.

Art: And, you remember it being in that spot that night?

John: I don't know if I remember it being in that spot that night or just from habit of seeing it in that spot. I can picture it in that spot. I don't know. I know that [00:31:00] I was told that Butch had parked his bus, gotten his personal car, and was helping look, um, in the Mountain Lakes area. Um, so, so, I didn't I didn't go out and check the Mountain Lakes area because he was and so I drove those other roads I told you about.

Art: Right. Did that strike you as odd that he -

John: Um, no, you know it didn't. So it's rural Grafton County and people tend to rally to help their friends and neighbors when things go bad so it wouldn't be odd to me that somebody would [00:31:30] say, hey, I'll give you a hand. And, um, and help you look for somebody. Push a car out of a ditch ... or whatever help somebody might need. I've been pulled outta more ditches by people passing by than I can tell you about.

Art: The, um, you said you were, you were hearing the 911 or the dispatcher from Grafton County on your radio -

John: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Art: - and you heard the 911 conversation kind of with the dispatcher, giving an update.

John: They were relaying ... whatever they were relaying [00:32:00] to -

Art: Right.

John: - Sergeant Smith. I was working off the troop f channel -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - which I believe was Cannon at the time. We updated later. Um, so, but I could monitor and hear Grafton County.

Art: Right.

John: So, um, but our coverage, in that area, at that point, because they hadn't upgraded the -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - radio towers, was terrible. So, that was like a dead zone when you go out into their like ... your portable was just a -

Art: Right.

John: - 5 pound anchor on your hip that did you no good.

Art: So, I mean, I know a lot of times the SOP for 911 [00:32:30] calls is the standard procedures. You would keep the individual on the line until a unit, either showed up on the scene or came to a, to the door. It sounds like, was that what was occurring here?

John: It's ... I think they did, because I believe ... it woulda been a conversation. There's a white house on the corner and I believe that was the caller. And so, it was a conversation between them and whoever the dispatcher was that evening. And so, I do believe that, and I don't know [00:33:00] for sure, but I believe I remember them hearing the officers here, you know, and they could see the blue lights. Or something to that effect. But I, I do remember there was a brief, uh, snippet of a, conversation that occurred. They could see his blue lights or they relayed some sort of information to Sergeant Smith when he arrived -

Art: Right.

John: - but I don't. I'd have to hear it. It was recorded and then it would probably help me remember what I had heard that night.

Art: That would be nice if we could hear that.

John: (laughs)

Art: [00:33:30] I know that's ... [inaudible 00:33:32]

John: I don't care. It would be, uh

Art: [crosstalk 00:33:34]

John: - helpful for me.

Art: And, you had mentioned something about the school bus earlier. Did you hear her report that there was a school bus? Did that come across the radio?

John: I don't believe so but, I, I, again, I don't remember. It's been a long time since that happened and I've heard a lot of radio calls and transmissions since then.

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative),

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Um, a lot of people have ... there's been a lot [00:34:00] of critics around the police having not done enough. Is there anything that you'd like to clear up or say to just, any of those people that think that ...

John: Sure. Sure. Well, a big part of it is, um, ... some of the misinformation was that, that it was my call and that I went there, and, um, I was the initial responding person. And I wasn't. That's the biggest sort of bad information that's out there. Um, that, that, in fact, Haveril PD had arrived on scene and I [00:34:30] was sort of helping to try to locate this person they, they had found missing. I mean that, I think is a very important piece -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - of information that's been (door shuts) misconstrued. Um, and, really I don't think that there's too much more that I can say from my own involvement in this, that would clear things up. Once it, it left sort of the initial investigative part, um, for me, it was really in the hands of the detectives and they, they would have better answers for you, um, [00:35:00] about perhaps some of the, the, theories that people have come up with and what they maybe did that would disprove it or would be better information. But, I don't have that. I wasn't a detective, I was a road trooper, so, yeah.

Male Speaker: Um, one thing, Fred has told us that, you know, [crosstalk 00:35:24] if you talked to one person, it would be you.

John: Yeah.

Male Speaker: So, maybe touch on that, because [crosstalk 00:35:29] -

John: Sure.

Art: Yeah.

Male Speaker: - because it sounds like you have been available [00:35:30] for, you know, [inaudible 00:35:31].

Maggie: Is that part of the question I just asked or do you want me to ask it -

Male Speaker: Yeah it is, a little bit. I mean that's ... you had the broad question [crosstalk 00:35:38]

Male Speaker: I don't think we're going to get into that.

Male Speaker: Okay.

Male Speaker: Cuz he hasn't dealt with Fred and that's, that's not his responsibility, that's my responsibility.

Art: Right.

John: Yeah.

Male Speaker: So it's not a fair question for him. You know what I mean? And, Fred's never said to us, okay, we wanna talk ... I'd like to John. He's never said that to us.

John: Yeah.

Maggie: Hmm.

Male Speaker: So, I don't think it's fair to ask John that because [inaudible 00:36:01].

John: I've never met him. I've never [00:36:00] met Maura's father.

Art: Have you met any of the family?

John: I haven't. I haven't. I think, I remember the sister had stayed in a hotel, maybe over in Wells River, cuz my kid's doctor was across the street and I remember seeing her over there. I would see them in the background, you know -

Art: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: - when they were gathering to come up with what we were going to do for the day. Um, when I was helping out, we were based outta Haveril PD at the time but I never interacted with the family. That was, um, Lieutenant Skorenza and Mr. [00:36:30] Murray, so.

Male Speaker: The other thing I had, and you touched on it a little bit, but, you know, being out there for 18 years, um, how often you come across abandoned cars? You know, just to be very clear about how often this happens.

John: Yeah, yeah. So, abandoned cars or cars that we find on the side of the road ... it's not uncommon. Sometimes people are just going to get gas, sometimes they've wrecked. Usually, if they wrecked their car in the evening, um, you [00:37:00] know you can either get the residual smell of alcohol out of it or there is alcohol in the car and they're gone. So, you have a pretty good indication of why they're, they're gone, because they perhaps drank too much.

Um, you know, I wouldn't say it's something that happens every day but it happens, you know, once a month at least. It's not uncommon that you'll find an abandoned car, you know. So, you just try to figure out where the owner is, make sure that they're safe, you know, and um, and if you can't locate 'em, you just sorta have to wait it out and when they show [00:37:30] back up, you try to question them as to why they didn't stay on the scene. So, um, that's kinda how you do it. And, again, it wasn't my call so I didn't play in that role. That would've been Haveril PD's piece of that.

Maggie: Hmm.

Art: Well, I appreciate you taking the time -

Maggie: Thank you so much.

John: Sure.

Art: - yeah. This was great and I know it cleared up a lot -

Maggie: Absolutely.

Art: - of things that we've been hearing -

John: Sure.

Art: - and, and, hopefully people will [00:38:00] take this for what it's worth and what you've said and, and, maybe change some minds out there.

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John: I hope so. And, I hope that with good information, people will help us, um, -

Art: Right.

John: - find Maura Murray is.

Art: That's what we're hoping for. This will jog somebody's memory or, since 13 years has passed, hopefully -

John: It's a long time.

Art: - it's a long time.

John: Yeah. Alright.

Art: Okay.

Maggie: Alright.

Art: Thanks, we appreciate it.

Maggie: Thank you.

John: Thank you. Yeah, not a problem.

Maggie: Thank you.

Male Speaker: Hey, [00:38:30] Fred. Anything else before I [inaudible 00:38:35]

Art: Excellent. Seriously, I mean. Yeah, no, it's really helpful.

Male Speaker: Obviously spell a lot of stuff, you can hear ... expand it. And, also kinda make sense why John had a limited cuz it wasn't his jurisdiction -

Maggie: Right.

John: - at that moment.

Art: Yeah. And people don't get that.

John: No.

Art: People don't understand -

Maggie: Yeah, it didn't ... I didn't realize how, how much people did not understand [00:39:00] that.

Art: (laughing) It's ... and the whole -

Male Speaker: The way it works is, you know, is a cooperative, is a cooperative venture and so the state police are very careful about being very heavy-handed, instantly coming to a small town saying hey, push, push the locals outta the way -

John: We're in charge.

Male Speaker: Yeah, that's not how it operates. So, it's their jurisdiction. They assist if needed and requested.

John: That area, patrol 5, I believe had 7 towns in it and 2 had police departments. So, I covered the other 5 towns. It might even be 9 towns and I covered 7. I [00:39:30] don't recall that.

Art: What was the other one that had a pd in it.

John: Lisbon.

Art: Oh, okay. Lisbon has? Wow.

John: Lisbon and Haveril. Now Piermont has one, but ... so it was very limited coverage. I covered ... I mean I didn't stop ... you think of a state trooper on the side of the road, writing a bunch of tickets. That was not me. It was like, the, the, micro-version of Alaska State Troopers (laughter). I was driving 45 minutes to go to an alarm and then another half hour to do a domestic and then, you know, I might be doing a sexual assault or an accident. I did everything. And so [00:40:00] I, I would stop maybe 5 cars a week and I did 20 investigations a week. It was a heavy workload area.

Art: So, how big was the PD? Haveril PD at the time. If you -


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Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 4
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2019, 03:02:56 pm »
John Monaghan Interview, Part 4

John: Haveril PD? It's the same size I think now, as it was then. I's small, it's in the back of the SAU building.

Art: We visited the Chief. He's a really nice guy.

John: Cecil. No, Cecil. Chuck.

Art: Charles.

John: Byron Charles.

Art: Chief Charles. So it's like 4 people.

John: They're bigger now. I believe [00:40:30] they've got more. It's Byron, Wally Trott and Brandon. Brandon and Wally are the sargents. I think they're up to 7 or 8 employees now.

Art: And, and, uh, Lisbon's probably the same.

John: Lisbon has 3.

Art: 3.

John: We have 3. With 3 you can do a day shift and a night shift

Art: Right. Yeah.

John: - 7 days a week. And if people want to spend an extra 100 or $200,000, you can get a midnight shift, where you put state police on call.

Art: [00:41:00] Right.

John: (laughs)

Art: Yeah, I was a patrolman on Cape Cod for 3 years and -

John: Yeah.

Art: - I think we had 15 on our ...

John: In the summer.

Art: No.

John: Oh, in the winter?

Art: This, what used to upset us highly was that we didn't hire any summer -

John: Oh.

Art: - help. So we were just -

Maggie: Wow.

John: Where on the Cape?

Art: Brewster.

John: OK. I lived in Brewster.

Art: Oh, okay.

John: I worked with the Brewster fish house, washed dishes.

Art: Oh, I know that place. Yeah. What year was that? Cuz I was there from 80 ta 83.

John: Okay, I hadn't moved back to the Cape [00:41:30] at that point.

Art: Okay.

John: I was born there but we moved back to the Cape when I was ... my sophomore year of high school. That would've been 86/87.

Art: Wow. OK, cuz I'm from P Town.

John: Oh, are you really?

Art: Sure, yeah. Went to high school there.

John: I went to Nassau High School.

Art: Aha.

John: I went to [inaudible 00:41:46] and Atteboro and then I went to Nassau High School.

Art: Okay.

Maggie: Is that on the Cape?

John: Yeah.

Art: Yeah, it's like the regional -

Maggie: I haven't heard of that.

Art: - it's the regional high school.

John: I worked at Summit Skin Bike for most of the time so that's kinda how I became ... loved skiing. That's how I ended up [00:42:00] here. Because I love the woods and forestry. I went to forestry school.

Maggie: Awesome.

John: Yeah. Had kids and decided I needed a job with benefits in rural New Hampshire (laughs)

Art: Shit. Yeah.

John: There's not a lot.

Art: There's not a lot.

John: You can cut trees or ...

Male Speaker: Can you guys stop down for a second? Um.

Male Speaker: So, John. They wanna ask you something. I wanna see, I wanna see if you're comfortable with it.

Male Speaker: You know the guys that were on the Haveril PD -

John: Yep.

Male Speaker: - personally.

John: Yes.

Male Speaker: A lot of men have been dragged through the mud this stuff and -

John: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Male Speaker: - you've stayed away from the podcast [00:42:30] and all that stuff.

John: Yeah.

Male Speaker: But, there's some pretty viscous things that's out there, about these people.

John: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Male Speaker: Can you like, talk to them as people? I know those people. They're good guys. If you're comfortable with that.

John: Sure.

Male Speaker: Speaking on [crosstalk 00:42:43]

John: I can, so I can talk to ... you want me just to do it?

Male Speaker: Yep.

Art: Yeah. Want me to ask the question, Eric or just ...

John: I'll explain the dynamic of policing in the North Country and then I'll -

Art: Yeah. That's cool.

John: - go specific towards Haveril, if you'd like.

Art: Tell me when you're ready.

Male Speaker: Whenever.

Art: [00:43:00] Okay. Um, you know, there's been a lot of things said about law enforcement. Not just the state police but also Haveril PD and what they did and didn't do.

John: Right.

Art: Can you comment on that a little bit?

John: Uh, I can. Uh, you know, hindsight's always 20/20. Everybody thinks well, if you had just done this or that. But, it's difficult to put yourself in the shoes of somebody, um, who's dealing with a dynamic situation and making the best decisions they can [00:43:30] at the time.

Policing in the North Country and Grafton County and Coass Country, um, we really rely on each other. I cover a large area and there are several towns and only 2 have police departments. And so, I back them up. They backed me up. It was the only way we could say stafe, excuse me, stay safe. So, um, the Haveril guys were great to me. I mean, they, they .. all of them ... I've been backed up from the Chief to their patrolmen and whenever I needed a hand ... if I was at a [00:44:00] domestic in Bath, they would slide over the line and make sure that I wasn't gonna get my butt kicked and so, vice versa.

So, if they had a bar fight downtown, I would go back them up. And so, I know each of them fairly well because their shift would rotate and we'd end up ... you know, they'd have one person on and I'd be on. So, yeah, you know, you kinda just helped them out if they needed a hand. Um, and so, every one of them has helped me and protected me and I've helped them and protected [00:44:30] them. And, they're good guys. They work in a pretty tough area. The Woodsville area can be ... have some poverty and all the crimes that come along with poverty. And, in addition to that, the town of Haveril is very big and so they covered a large patrol area. And so, they covered a large patrol area so they were stretched pretty thin. Um, but they're hard workers. They, they are ... all of them.

You want something specific on Cecil? [crosstalk 00:45:00]

Maggie: [00:45:00] Can I ask that specific to Cecil?

Art: Yeah, you can, why don't you ...

Maggie: Um, there's been some pretty awful things said about Cecil, who was on the scene. I mean, can you speak to him as a person?

John: I, I know him a little bit. I'm actually friendlier with his stepson, Phil. And I, I know his wife and I know him. I know him mostly professionally and so, ah, because he was a sergeant at the time and I was a trooper. We would work cooperatively [00:45:30] but, um, there was a little bit of a heirarctal, difference. And so, similar to families. You know, everybody, you have these generations. And so, sergeants Kibbitz and was sergeants and Patrolman Kibbitz was with patrolman. So, I know that he came out ... I think he did a 20 year career in the military before he even came to New Hampshire to be a police officer. And uh, he ... I only knew him as a sergeant and later as a chief so [00:46:00] so, he was always very professional with me. Um, he was there to help me if I needed his help. And, I was there to help him if he needed my help. And, uh, I think he's a good quality guy who does the best job that he can when it's asked of him.

Maggie: Should I not call him Cecil? Should I address him formally? Probably.

Male Speaker: Probably re-ask that question, yeah.

Maggie: Yeah, let's do that. Um, Sergeant Smith is that what I'm ...

Art: Or Chief Smith.


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Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 5
« Reply #4 on: December 08, 2019, 03:03:38 pm »
John Monaghan Interview, Part 5

Maggie: Chief [00:46:30] Smith?

Art: Yeah, you should probably call him Chief Smith.

Maggie: Chief Smith. Um, there's been some pretty awful things said about Chief Smith. Can you speak to him as a person?

John: Certainly.

Maggie: Speak about him. (laughter)

John: Do you need me to say the whole thing over again?

Art: No, no.

Male Speaker: Take 2.

Art: We just needed the question.

Male Speaker: Welcome to TV production.

Art: Yeah, really.

Male Speaker: You mind staying there for a minute? You can talk about whatever. We're just gonna get some cut-aways.

Art: OK.

Male Speaker: You recall there was a lot of talk about why John didn't sign off.

Art: [00:47:00] Yeah. That's ... yeah.

Male Speaker: There's a logical explanation for it.

Art: Right. In other words, why it wasn't logged into Grafton County or whatever.

Male Speaker: Right.

Art: Okay, all right.

Maggie: Yeah.

Male Speaker: I don't mean to insert myself here but I ...

Art: No, no. That's good. That's good, [inaudible 00:47:16]. That is a question that actually -

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Art: - we asked early on.

John: Sure.

Art: Um, when you look at Grafton County, you know, you've got a dispatcher there and I actually did that for a summer and it was a tough job. So, they sit there and kind of condense what's comin over the radio [00:47:30] and put it down on a log but there's ... you see Cecil's dispatched coming from another call gets dispatched but there's no reference to your dispatch in the Grafton County logs.

John: Right. And I'm not dispatched by Grafton County. So, I would've been talking with troop F and if I needed to, I would've switched channels to talk to Grafton but I arrived on the scene, I talk to Cecil, or See argent Smith [00:48:00] and he, um, he, it was their call so I didn't need to sign off and tell Troop F that I'm at the accident and it's my call. So, I just asked him if he needed some help, and, uh, checked their area and then cleared, um, because it didn't turn out to be a state police call. So, I wouldn't have talked to Grafton County because I talk to Sargent Smith directly. And, because it wasn't my call, I wasn't giving Troop F information I didn't need to.

If I had, it would've [00:48:30] been spotty whether I coulda gotten through in that area anyways cuz it's a pretty dead zone along the Route 112 area. They did an upgrade to the radio towers, in I think, 2010 but prior to that, it was maybe you'd get out, maybe not, if you put on a tinfoil hat and drove to the top of the hill. It was pretty rough.

Art: And, Troop F had their own dispatch?

John: Yes, and they still do.

Art: Each troop has their own dispatch.

John: At the time they did. I think they've consolidated somewhat with technology but [00:49:00] Troop F still does have its own dispatch because it covers such a wide area. I think it's 30% of the state iF Troop F, and, uh -

Art: Wow.

John: And then the rest is all the other troop areas.

Art: And Grafton County, I noticed, dispatches police, fire, and EMS for a series of locations right?

John: Right.

Art: A series of those towns that you had -

John: Yes. They -

Art: - mentioned earlier.

John: They dispatch what's called Twin State for their fire and EMS and that, um, so they'll dispatch Vermont [00:49:30] firefighters and EMT's and they'll dispatch New Hampshire. They dispatch all the way up to Twin Mountain, which is in Coos County. So they ... their fire and EMS dispatches much greater than even their police dispatch.

Male Speaker: OK.

Art: Anything else?

Male Speaker: Do you need to get cutaways? [crosstalk 00:49:54]

Art: Anything else? Yeah?

John: Where's my green M&M's? I thought I was the star here. (laughter) You guys are killing [00:50:00] me.

Art: Yes, no, absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely.

Male Speaker: So, you'll let us know when you wanna come back and talk to us? [crosstalk 00:50:10]

Male Speaker: They're in your trailer.

John M: Yeah, yeah. My trailer.

Art: It would, it would ... couple weeks?

Male Speaker: Yes.

Art: Cuz it would be good for the wrap-up, kinda.

Male Speaker: Yeah.

Art: Thing to bring it all to the ... we're building, so.

Male Speaker: Um, I think the last we would do, and if it would be okay, what we do at the end of every time we need somebody, we have these guys debrief. Like, talk about what they've learned and [00:50:30] what's been crossed off the list. Would it be okay if, you know, when you guys go, they just stay there [crosstalk 00:50:40]

Male Speaker: How long you guys gonna be here for, cuz I only reserved the room till about noon time.

Male Speaker: For what, five minutes of 12?

Male Speaker: We need 5 minutes to do it and then be outta here, right?

Male Speaker: Yeah, we can do it elsewhere if you need the room but it'd be [crosstalk 00:50:52].

Male Speaker: We're just on a tight schedule today. I had to squeeze you guys in, okay? Sorry about that.

Art: Really? Uh, but we are coming back. We're [00:51:00] leaving Saturday?

Maggie: Yeah, this Saturday.

Art: We'll be outta the area Saturday.

Maggie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Art: And then we're coming back, probably.

Maggie: The following Monday.

Art: Yeah. A couple of weeks. So, yeah, yeah, no. Absolutely. [crosstalk 00:51:12]

Male Speaker: Actually, John. Stay right there for a second? We're gonna do the handshake and everybody kinda stand up and start walking to the door.

John: Okay.

Maggie: Are we standing up and walking, as well?

Male Speaker: You'll ... -

Art: Wanna do something after this?

Male Speaker: Are you around?

Male Speaker: Yes.

Art: You want me to come over to the ...

Male Speaker: Yeah.

Art: Okay. Come over to your office.

Male Speaker: Over to headquarters. I rode [00:51:30] with John ... he rode with me, so.

Art: Okay, alright.

Male Speaker: I just wanna see [inaudible 00:51:35].

Art: Okay. Yep.

Male Speaker: Okay, [inaudible 00:51:39] goodbye and make our way towards the door.

Maggie: Great.

Art: Thanks again, John. For your time.

Maggie: Thank you so much for your time.

John: Yeah, nice to meet you.

Maggie: Yeah, likewise. Thank you so much. Nice meeting you. [inaudible 00:52:02]. Are we [00:52:00] debriefing?

Male Speaker: Nope.

Maggie: Oh. Oh.

Male Speaker: [inaudible 00:52:07].

Maggie: I thought we were told no debrief. I wouldn't have touched this. Oh, shit.

Art: She we just go?

Male Speaker: You can cross.

Art: Okay, alright.

Maggie: [inaudible 00:52:14].

Male Speaker: All right, let's stop.

John: Sorry about that.

Male Speaker: No.


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Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen) - Part 6
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2019, 03:04:37 pm »
John Monaghan Interview, Part 6

Art: No, that's all right.

Male Speaker: [crosstalk 00:52:26] Got it, insert.

Maggie: Thank you so [00:52:30] much.

Art: No, really. Thanks so much.

John: Nice to meet you.

Art: Good to meet you.

John: Thanks. Nice to meet you.

Maggie: Thank you. Thank you for your time.

John: As far as the [00:53:00] releases are concerned, [crosstalk 00:53:01]. They said they were going to revise it and get back to me. They never did.

Maybe I did. Maybe I did sign one. I don't remember.

Female Speaker: We'll look into it and follow up for sure.

John: Yeah, let me know. Cuz I remember I didn't do the ... they wanted the facilities one, I can't do that for the whole building.

Male Speaker: That one's true.

John: There was another one and I can't remember if I did. Maybe I did.

Male Speaker: You [00:53:30] edited it and they ...

Male Speaker: Yeah, they charge you like 800 bucks an hour.

Art: [inaudible 00:53:37] wrapping it. Sure.

Male Speaker: Couple of things [inaudible 00:53:42]

Art: Oh, you did?

Male Speaker: I just wanna let you know so folks are gonna be happy.

Art: No, no, yeah. I figured you did from the expression you had when we mentioned his name. [crosstalk 00:53:57]. Right.

Is, do you think it's worthless talking about him [00:54:00] or trying to talk to him?

Male Speaker: I think reaching out to him is probably not a bad thing. [inaudible 00:54:03].

Art: Her track coach. She was apparently with ... cuz, one of the problems is we can't get ... yeah, I mean. Did you interview her friends?

Maggie: Yeah.

Art: Nothing?

Maggie: Thank you so much.

Male Speaker: Have you talked to her?

Art: We're interviewing her on Saturday. Big [00:54:30] time.

We already ... we actually already went up ... is that what you were referencing? We did go up there. She's livin in a shithole.

Male Speaker: Yep.

Art: And, the guy that she's currently dating, I actually called the marshall services -

Male Speaker: She's got a little history.

Maggie: No, we didn't get my stuff but I can't -

Art: We [inaudible 00:54:49], Kathleen's boyfriend and -

Maggie: Cuz Jose's in my way.

Art: - I was like, how come he's like a registered sex offender? How the hell did he pull that off?

Male Speaker: Depends [00:55:00] on his conviction, I guess.

Art: Yeah.

Male Speaker: What the conviction is. Sometimes you have to register sometimes you don't. They changed the law because they felt they were stigmatizing [inaudible 00:55:05].

Maggie: The whole time I was like, he's smelling my bacon.

Male Speaker: Is there bacon in your pocket?

Maggie: There's bacon in my pocket.

Art: Right. [crosstalk 00:55:10]

Male Speaker: That's why they changed some of that stuff. It does make sense.

Art: It does make sense. But this guy -

Maggie: That beef smell did you say? (laughter)

Art: - I mean he did a home invasion, with his wife.

Maggie: That meat scent. Just me guys.


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