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Author Topic: Transcript of Cecil Smith Interview on Oxygen - INCOMPLETE - SEE NOTE AT TOP OF POST  (Read 60 times)


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This is a transcript of the Cecil Smith Interview as it appeared on the Oxygen Show: The Disappearance of Maura Murray. It is not complete - but preserved for comparison purposes. The full transcript is here: https://mauramurray.createaforum.com/evidence/full-transcript-of-cecil-smith-interview-(oxygen)-part-1/

I was dispatched to the report of a car accident and came around the corner and there was a black vehicle in my lane facing me and there was no one around the vehicle.

I could see something red had been splashed on the driver side door and I also saw something splashed on the ceiling of the vehicle I could make an educated guess that it was wine from the box of wine that was sitting behind the driver's seat.

I went and talked to Mr. Atwood I said she look like she was hurt because when I made a quick check of the vehicle both airbags were deployed and there was a crack in the windshield drivers side.

He said na she looked shaken up but she didn't look hurt, but I think she been drinking because she slurred her speech and had to lean on something while I was standing there I asked her if she wanted me to call the police nope no please don't call the police.

Q: What did you make of Butch when you spoke with him?

A: I didn't speak to him very long I just probably less then a minute I would say and I didn't know him before so.

Q: Have you heard the theory that there was another officer on the scene before you, the report by Witness A?

A: I've heard of that but there was there was no one there when I got on scene.

Implied Q: But why would law enforcement seem so curious about her account after she reported it?

A: I don't know the answer to that question maybe that's just following with people on that accident.

Q: What vehicle were you in?

A: I was in the Explorer 4 x 4 and the reason that would have been it was about this time of year, winter, you know February, snow on the ground.

Q: Were you at all concerned thinking that there was a girl who was maybe drinking out in the cold?

A: Yes. I did check the immediate area, East it would have been uh checked both sides of the road granted I didn't get to go a great distance but I saw no indication that somebody had gone through the snow.

Q: Did you ever talk to the family, any of the family members?

A: I did Fred I explained it to him he and said well you know, she had an accident couple days ago she's all depressed you know she might have done the old squaw and whats that well you know you are all depressed and we talked about it before in our hikes and you go out in the woods you step off the trail you die. Hello?

Q: What did you make of that?

A: That Fred knew something I didn't know about Maura and her mental and when I talked to her sister Kathleen the same day uh she told me uh pretty much the same thing Maura had had an accident with her father's car while she had been drinking the weekend before um she got mad at Fred, got in another car and took off, left Massachusetts and uh we think that she went into the woods and hid and took a bunch of sleeping pills and we both think she is dead. Now I had the sister and the father both telling me that she might be dead. That's when it got serious.
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